I write this in the midst of one of the biggest life changes I have undergone in my adult life, and I am so grateful for the support that True Nature Coaching provided in the last 6 months to help me get here. Kelli’s strategies for helping me identify my true values and goals were remarkable, and yet seemed so simple at the time. That is what the process of coaching has been for me: making monumental changes that seemed at the time to be totally natural and logical because they were aligned with the values I had identified as truly important to me.

The consistency of the coaching relationship provided ongoing support for the life changes I was trying to make. No matter how ludicrous and audacious I thought my plans were, Kelli reminded me that they were aligned with my values, and she helped me feel that someone truly believed that what I was trying to do was entirely possible. Kelli’s style of coaching is gentle yet firm. She undergoes a rigorous intake process with her clients, and in addition to the coaching structure, she uses her intuition to provide support and guidance.

She helped me understand that I already had all the answers. True Nature Coaching was a great investment in creating the life I want to live.