Be true
to your nature


Our true nature is like a precious jewel: although it may be temporarily buried in the mud, it remains completely brilliant and unaffected. We simply have to uncover it

~ Pema Chodron


What people are saying

Testimonials from amazing clients.

helped me remember and reconnect with my own truth

When I met Kelli I was disappointed with myself and with the life I was living. I had this idea of what a successful artist should look like and in my mind I was falling short. With compassion and kindness, Kelli helped me realize perfectionist tendencies I had been completely unaware of, and how these tendencies have kept me from exploration and joy. She helped me acknowledge and celebrate the work I do and gain clarity about what is really… Read more “helped me remember and reconnect with my own truth”

Eleanor Kleiner, Singer/Songwriter

Your life will change.

Imagine you are in one of those old movies where your car breaks down in a remote area in a storm. You trudge out, soaked and disoriented, tired and scared. Then, yes, a light in the distance. If you are an artist with these feelings in the world, in yourself, I tell you: Kelli is a light and shelter from this storm. Her understanding will help arouse in your depths the insights needed to find your way. Her approach is… Read more “Your life will change.”

Erik L. Writer

Most importantly she puts YOU before everything.

Before I met Kelli, I felt like I had the cart before the horse. I’ve always been someone who wants to try his hand at everything and have never let fear stand in my way when it comes to new challenges. Of course, challenges have a way of backfiring when you take on too much. Challenges are one thing, allowing your self to make mistakes, to be in the moment, to let go, is another. When I contacted True Nature… Read more “Most importantly she puts YOU before everything.”

Tim Warner, Cartoonist/Art Teacher

It was a real gift to have time and energy solely dedicated to my growth

Working with Kelli has been great! She has helped me to get in touch with my own true goals and purpose, and held me accountable for the goals I chose to set for myself. She was always accepting, kind, and positive, while helping me see sides of things that I wasn’t seeing before. She also helped me see the difference between what I thought was expected of me and what I truly wanted. It was a real gift to me… Read more “It was a real gift to have time and energy solely dedicated to my growth”

Jacqueline May, Artist / Musician

This has had a profound impact on my work and life

I was extremely curious about working with a life coach and serendipitously came in contact with Kelli Cotner. After her briefing me on what life coaching entails, I was completely on board. I can say without a doubt that having Kelli as my coach has had a deep, long lasting and meaningful impact in my life. Making a career change at any time is extremely difficult and scary but working with Kelli made the transition feasible and worthwhile. I have… Read more “This has had a profound impact on my work and life”

Ricardo Santos, Filmmaker

I am much more mindful and aware of each moment

When I started working with Kelli just over a year ago, I was standing still at several crossroads and unable to see past the road blocks keeping me there. Kelli came along and with her natural compassion and intuition and coached me past those roadblocks. She helped me move on to creating the life I have in mind.

 Within the first few sessions, the rewards of committing to this process became very obvious. I’ve been able to see my life… Read more “I am much more mindful and aware of each moment”

Kelli Grabbe, Engineer

Kelli is a master at holding sacred space

Kelli is a master at holding sacred space for the exploration and integration of one’s deepest desires. Though I knew in my heart what was next for me, the thought of leaving a successful practice to follow my dream of being a writer/musician was both scary and challenging. Kelli’s compassionate way of providing intentional structures helped me manage this transition seamlessly. I was able to examine limiting beliefs that were not serving me anymore and create new thoughts and patterns… Read more “Kelli is a master at holding sacred space”

Eric Majeski, Singer/Songwriter

True Nature Life Coaching was a great investment

I write this in the midst of one of the biggest life changes I have undergone in my adult life, and I am so grateful for the support that True Nature Coaching provided in the last 6 months to help me get here. Kelli’s strategies for helping me identify my true values and goals were remarkable, and yet seemed so simple at the time. That is what the process of coaching has been for me: making monumental changes that seemed… Read more “True Nature Life Coaching was a great investment”

Nicole Garneau, Performance Artist

a grounding stone for me

Working with Kelli has been a grounding stone for me.  She is openhearted and truly listens to me, not just to my words but also to what is underneath. She is able to reflect who I really am – one of the greatest gifts we can receive! READ MORE SUCCESS… Read more “a grounding stone for me”

Vicki Genfan, Professional Musician

My life is a richer and more satisfying existence as a result of our work together.

niki duncan

I am stronger now, as a result of working with Kelli Cotner as my personal Life Coach than I was before I hired her. I am stronger physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. I have gotten out of credit card debt, lost 28 lbs, gone back to school to make a career change, and I have increased my monthly income by 30%. I have tools to deal with the challenges of everyday life and a deeper level of commitment to myself.… Read more “My life is a richer and more satisfying existence as a result of our work together.”

Niki Duncan, Real Estate Agent

I’ve uncovered so many things over our time


Kelli is an amazing coach! Before I began working with her I was in tears and lacking empowerment in multiple areas in my life. Over 6 months she has helped me to begin realize the life I’ve always wanted. 

I’ve dreamed of helping & loving the world and be used as an instrument for Christ. Well, Kelli helped me get out of my head and see the things that were sabotaging me and made me celebrate my progress and amazing… Read more “I’ve uncovered so many things over our time”

Jinean Robinson, Entrepreneur

challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and GROW!

Kelli was pivotal in my growth over the last few months. I had struggled with frustration about social insecurity, lack of purpose/direction, perfectionist tendencies and a feeling of not making the best of the great opportunities life keeps offering. Having somebody to lovingly hold me accountable and with whom I am able to share openly what is going on was invaluable. Coming together on a regular basis we were able to uncover my values and build upon my strengths to find purpose… Read more “challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and GROW!”

Dorian Iten, Fine Artist

a light for self discovery

I have heard it said, “you have all the answers within you, you just need to remember them”. 

I have found this to be true and yet, remembering the answers is like finding a needle in a hay stack. They are there, deep within each of us, locked away under years of life that have covered our deepest core values. Unlocking what stands in the way takes a guide. Someone who can point the way by turning on a light… Read more “a light for self discovery”

Rob Snyder

like a beautiful haiku

I was in search mode to help reorient my creative path. Aware of my professional goals but feeling stalled on a “success plateau”, I was seeking assured guidance to help rise past my own watermark. But having always been self-reliant in my independent creative efforts, I was daunted by the needle in the haystack prospect of finding the right person to work with. That’s why I feel blessed for having found Kelli. Her focus and heart philosophy immediately resonated with… Read more “like a beautiful haiku”

Kevin Augustine, Puppeteer

She is truly an inspiring human being and deeply gifted life coach

Kelli Cotner is an inspiration. Two years ago, I was looking on the internet for a life coach who could help me choreograph and produce my first dance show. I found her website when I googled “life coaching art woman” and hers was the first to pop up. In her biography I read about a person who is deeply honest with herself, unafraid of the truth, and puts faith in the processes of life – love, pain, art, meditation, humor,… Read more “She is truly an inspiring human being and deeply gifted life coach”

Nicola Bullock

Thank you Kelli from the bottom of my heart

I came to the experience of coaching in an unusual way. At the time, I was very unwell and unhappy with my ability to anticipate the future. I knew, however, that I needed to find a path that honored the life I did have, and not the one I still longed for. From the very first conversation with Kelli, I felt at ease. She became a safe place for me in which I embarked upon the greatest soul-work of my… Read more “Thank you Kelli from the bottom of my heart”

Stacy Shuman, Entrepreneur
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