I was extremely curious about working with a life coach and serendipitously came in contact with Kelli Cotner. After her briefing me on what life coaching entails, I was completely on board. I can say without a doubt that having Kelli as my coach has had a deep, long lasting and meaningful impact in my life. Making a career change at any time is extremely difficult and scary but working with Kelli made the transition feasible and worthwhile. I have been extremely good at building walls around myself and coming up with reasons to not engulf myself in film making.

Kelli helped me get past those hurdles with exercises, deadlines, encouragement and practical tools that will help me achieve what I want most. 

The one aspect from coaching that stands out the most for me on a daily basis is how I speak about myself and my current career transformation.

I can most certainly be my worst enemy with regards to talking about working as a writer/filmmaker but Kelli has helped me own the fact that I am an artist. This has had a profound impact on my work and life.