I came to the experience of coaching in an unusual way. At the time, I was very unwell and unhappy with my ability to anticipate the future. I knew, however, that I needed to find a path that honored the life I did have, and not the one I still longed for. From the very first conversation with Kelli, I felt at ease. She became a safe place for me in which I embarked upon the greatest soul-work of my life.

 I have experienced the benefit of energy work and various models of counseling throughout my lifetime.

I have never had a more powerful and trans-formative experience than I did with Kelli.

I can say months later after completing our work, that I am a different person today.

 In our work I cultivated self-acceptance and compassion. Having worked first on myself, this now extends naturally to everyone else, even strangers. Beyond the soul-work, which I place the greatest value upon, I also determined a new life path for myself that involved going to graduate school for counseling and starting a business of my own.

 Kelli has a gentle, knowing spirit. She is an “old soul”. She may use tools to inform her work, but her true genius is her intuitiveness, which brilliantly guides the work. Kelli sees the client’s full potential, which likely exceeds your own vision, but can be realized with work.

I applaud Kelli for the respect, warmth and honesty she brought to the coaching experience. Thank you Kelli from the bottom of my heart.