Before I met Kelli, I felt like I had the cart before the horse. I’ve always been someone who wants to try his hand at everything and have never let fear stand in my way when it comes to new challenges. Of course, challenges have a way of backfiring when you take on too much. Challenges are one thing, allowing your self to make mistakes, to be in the moment, to let go, is another.

When I contacted True Nature Coaching it was with the hope someone would push me in times of doubt. I imagined having a drill sergeant at my disposal that would bark orders at me and motivate me to complete the task. Fortunately that’s not who she is at all. She has given me a whole new perspective and sensitivity toward myself. She’s helped me examine the things I do and why. What I’ve learned is to choose myself, to put my own well being before my goals. To say no, which I’d never realized was something I could do.
To make decisions more carefully.

With her coaching skills and her ability to draw me out, I have felt myself opening up. There is nothing like the feeling of my head clearing in times of stress and finally being able to step back and just exist in the moment. She has helped me examine the choices I make, set goals, plan, be active in the creation of my life’s path. There is a careful sensitivity in how she assists. There is no aggression or any guilt whatsoever. There is a certain kind of accountability present, which, over time, helped me understand what realistic goals are.

Most importantly she puts YOU before everything. This is not just about goals and accomplishment but a sense of well-being.

Kelli is a teacher of practice. You can share your fears, your doubts, reservations and she’ll find a way to assist, and calmly, patiently, direct your energies through things that are blocking you. She acts as a guide and coaches the whole person. She put self-awareness first and helped me realign. My life is not just a long string of goals, but a series of choices, that if you are not careful and present in your decisions, can drag you down and make life unlivable.

If you need help, and this sounds like you- you can’t go wrong with Kelli. I have no regrets. This has become a wonderful tool.