When I started working with Kelli just over a year ago, I was standing still at several crossroads and unable to see past the road blocks keeping me there. Kelli came along and with her natural compassion and intuition and coached me past those roadblocks. She helped me move on to creating the life I have in mind.

 Within the first few sessions, the rewards of committing to this process became very obvious. I’ve been able to see my life with a greater clarity than I have in a long time, as my values and beliefs have come into much better view.

Because Kelli is a gifted listener and has at times gone “above and beyond,” I have been able to achieve amazing results in the time that I have been coached by her. The relationships in my immediate circle have improved, I’ve been able to pay off credit card debt, become more focused on health issues and fitness goals, and I am now on my way to being a business owner.

 More amazing to me than the tangible results that I continue to achieve bit by bit, are the indelible marks that a deepened sense of spirituality have on my daily life.

I am much more mindful and aware of each moment, living each moments, and grateful for where I am in this journey.