I was in search mode to help reorient my creative path. Aware of my professional goals but feeling stalled on a “success plateau”, I was seeking assured guidance to help rise past my own watermark. But having always been self-reliant in my independent creative efforts, I was daunted by the needle in the haystack prospect of finding the right person to work with. That’s why I feel blessed for having found Kelli.

Her focus and heart philosophy immediately resonated with me. I soon realized as we began our work together that my professional progress was inextricably connected to my personal belief systems and that this work would not be cosmetic but something much deeper. With each session, I felt positive shifts taking shape in my life- not just at the edges but finding their way into my core. Discovering and articulating my foundation of values-what makes me tick and fuels my path- while learning to become my own best ally, was a literal game-changer for me. Step by step, through commitment and a growing sense of fearlessness I was achieving new levels of professional success with my theatre company, but even more importantly, I was starting to live the kind of life that I had only allowed to exist in my mind’s eye. Through our coaching partnership, I have gained a deeper holistic sense of my true life purpose and developed a concomitant well of kindness towards myself and others. My vocational passion for my creative work has not only been rekindled, but set ablaze, thanks to Kelli’s coaching expertise.

Kelli Cotner has been an invaluable guide; like a beautiful haiku, she has the ability to distill down to the poetic essentials
towards a path of possibility and true promise.