BE True to
your nature

“Our true nature is like a precious jewel: although it may be temporarily buried in the mud, it remains completely brilliant and unaffected. We simply have to uncover it.”

~ Pema Chödrön

We have been taught from an early age to be successful, practical, safe, accomplished and pragmatic. We have learned to follow the thinking head rather than our hearts’ desires and to operate inside the box of what we know we can achieve, rather than risking the unknown territory of what we truly want. Your true nature is to be awake, to sing rather than just speak, to dance rather than merely walk. It’s not just about reaching a goal, it’s about your aliveness, insight and personal experience that’s truly fulfilling. It’s who you are being as you get up on that big stage of life.

We need to honor not just the DOING side of ourselves, but the BEING.

The DOING in us is courageous, has clarity and conviction, takes charge and implements wise effort in achieving goals. The BEING in us is curious, intuits, listens deeply, is aware and nurturing. We need to take the time for silence and reflection in order to get clear on what really matters to us and let that be the motivating energy force to waking up and living a truly authentic life.

The decision to live one’s life in alignment with their true nature, is a radical and risky act. When it gets down to it, it means embracing yourself completely, just as you are in your own uniquely beautiful way.

True Nature Life Coaching

Who you are

My clients tend to be SPIRITUALLY CURIOUS CREATIVES. Musicians, artists, Dharma students, filmmakers, writers, recovering alcoholics/addicts. Healers, storytellers, leaders, entrepreneurs, risk takers and truth seekers. Growth & goal oriented.

Kelli Cotner, CPCC

Kelli is drawn to the edges of life, that place where true transformation occurs. She has tested the waters many times in search for the meaning of life, coming to the conclusion that our life purpose is to live life awake and aligned with our core values

co-active coaching

Co-Active Life Coaching is a creative and proactive alliance in which you are held naturally creative, resourceful and whole, completely capable of finding your own answers to whatever challenges you face. It requires presence and deep listening.


When I met Kelli I was disappointed with myself and with the life I was living. I had this idea of what a successful artist should look like and in my mind I was falling short. With compassion and kindness, Kelli helped me realize perfectionist tendencies I had been completely unaware of, and how these tendencies have kept me from exploration and joy.

She helped me acknowledge and celebrate the work I do and gain clarity about what is really important. She also helped me develop a meditation practice which has drastically reduced my stress and opened up a new space in my life.

Kelli was able to hear what I was really saying and reflect back to me a view of myself free from my self-imposed limitations. Her presence and groundedness helped me remember and reconnect with my own truth. I am so grateful to have worked with her. Thank you Kelli!

Eleanor Kleiner

Singer/Songwriter, The Whispering Tree

Kelli Cotner is an inspiration. Two years ago, I was looking on the internet for a life coach who could help me choreograph and produce my first dance show. I found her website when I googled “life coaching art woman” and hers was the first to pop up. In her biography I read about a person who is deeply honest with herself, unafraid of the truth, and puts faith in the processes of life – love, pain, art, meditation, humor, and rebellion. We exchanged emails, and she sent me a long list of questions to answer about myself, questions about my dreams and work habits and values. She called me for an initial consultation, to see if we communicated well, and I felt seen and connected to immediately. We set up a schedule of phone calls over the next year, once or twice or sometimes three times a month, which I usually looked forward to! I say usually because Kelli has a way of cutting through the bullshit and getting to the heart of the issue – whether it is about work habits, personal relationships, or self-care – and it was sometimes a challenge to confront those things about myself.

With support and gentle nudging, she invited me to open up to some of the harder truths about myself and not turn away from them. And it was especially after those harder conversations, with Kelli being present and holding space for both of us, that I was most grateful for her wisdom and guidance. She reminded me of my values, strengths, and the dreams and I never felt judged by her. With her behind me, I succeeded in choreographing and producing a dance show.

In our year of conversations, Kelli held my light when what I felt was darkness. Even now, a year later, I can return to our email exchanges and the words of wisdom she shared with me and feel seen in a unique and holistic way. She’s an incredible listener, but also very good with words, both in conversation and over email. She acts from her heart, and is truly an inspiring human being and deeply gifted life coach.

Nicola Bullock

Artist and Dancer, Nicola Bullock

I write this in the midst of one of the biggest life changes I have undergone in my adult life, and I am so grateful for the support that True Nature Coaching provided in the last 6 months to help me get here. Kelli’s strategies for helping me identify my true values and goals were remarkable, and yet seemed so simple at the time. That is what the process of coaching has been for me: making monumental changes that seemed at the time to be totally natural and logical because they were aligned with the values I had identified as truly important to me.

The consistency of the coaching relationship provided ongoing support for the life changes I was trying to make. No matter how ludicrous and audacious I thought my plans were, Kelli reminded me that they were aligned with my values, and she helped me feel that someone truly believed that what I was trying to do was entirely possible. Kelli’s style of coaching is gentle yet firm. She undergoes a rigorous intake process with her clients, and in addition to the coaching structure, she uses her intuition to provide support and guidance.

She helped me understand that I already had all the answers. True Nature Coaching was a great investment in creating the life I want
to live.

Nicole Garneau

Performance Artist, Nicole Garneau

Kelli was pivotal in my growth over the last few months. I had struggled with frustration about social insecurity, lack of purpose/direction, perfectionist tendencies and a feeling of not making the best of the great opportunities life keeps offering. Having somebody to lovingly hold me accountable and with whom I am able to share openly what is going on was invaluable. Coming together on a regular basis we were able to uncover my values and build upon my strengths to find purpose and inner peace, challenge me to step outside my comfort zone and GROW!

I feel different, have much more clarity about who I am and experience much more enthusiasm and am very very grateful to have such a sensitive, nurturing ally. Thank you for everything, Kelli!

Dorian Iten

Fine Artist, Dorian Iten

Working with Kelli has been a grounding stone for me. She is openhearted and truly listens to me, not just to my words but also to what is underneath. She is able to reflect who I really am – one of the greatest gifts we can receive!

Vicki Genfan

Singer / Songwriter, Vicki Genfan

I was in search mode to help reorient my creative path. Aware of my professional goals but feeling stalled on a “success plateau”, I was seeking assured guidance to help rise past my own watermark. But having always been self-reliant in my independent creative efforts, I was daunted by the needle in the haystack prospect of finding the right person to work with. That’s why I feel blessed for having found Kelli.

Her focus and heart philosophy immediately resonated with me. I soon realized as we began our work together that my professional progress was inextricably connected to my personal belief systems and that this work would not be cosmetic but something much deeper. With each session, I felt positive shifts taking shape in my life- not just at the edges but finding their way into my core. Discovering and articulating my foundation of values-what makes me tick and fuels my path- while learning to become my own best ally, was a literal game-changer for me. Step by step, through commitment and a growing sense of fearlessness I was achieving new levels of professional success with my theatre company, but even more importantly, I was starting to live the kind of life that I had only allowed to exist in my mind’s eye.

Through our coaching partnership, I have gained a deeper holistic sense of my true life purpose and developed a concomitant well of kindness towards myself and others. My vocational passion for my creative work has not only been rekindled, but set ablaze, thanks to Kelli’s coaching expertise.

Kelli Cotner has been an invaluable guide; like a beautiful haiku, she has the ability to distill down to the poetic essentials towards a path of possibility and true promise.

Kevin Augustine

Puppeteer, Lone Wolf Tribe

I have heard it said, “you have all the answers within you, you just need to remember them”. 

I have found this to be true and yet, remembering the answers is like finding a needle in a hay stack. They are there, deep within each of us, locked away under years of life that have covered our deepest core values. Unlocking what stands in the way takes a guide. Someone who can point the way by turning on a light for self discovery.

Kelli has been this guide for me and I will always remember our work together as a sacred contract. I grew more in the year I worked with Kelli than any other time in my life. With each session she brought a sincere interest in my success. She contains the compassion of a saint, the wisdom earned through years of personal development, an uncanny intuition and a lovely sense of humor. And all of this is coupled with the straight shooting, tall in the saddle Texan that she is. What balance!

If you’re feeling stuck and want to do Big Things, Kelli will help you illuminate your path toward fulfillment.

Rob Snyder

Glass Artist, Rob Snyder

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