Personal Life Coaching

True Nature Life Coaching is about designing and pursuing your authentic life path. It’s about living that life today and creating a deeper connection with your true nature or the truth of who you are. Imagine living your life on purpose, honoring your true nature, moving out of your comfort zones and taking risks to live a life as big as it can be.

Life responds when we risk.

What if you knew that you could take life changing risks, be supported and held in the process?

Life really does respond when we risk. The response might not be exactly what you had expected and setbacks do occur, but there’s energy, aliveness and movement. The decision to live one’s life in alignment with their TRUE NATURE, is a radical and risky act. We have been taught from an early age to be successful, practical, safe, accomplished and pragmatic. We have learned to follow the thinking head rather than our hearts’ desires and to operate inside the box of what we know we can achieve, rather than risking the unknown territory of what we truly want. Your true nature is to be awake, to sing rather than just speak, to dance rather than merely walk. It’s not just about reaching a goal, it’s about your aliveness, insight and personal experience that’s truly fulfilling. It’s who you are you being as you get up on that stage.

You DO know how to create this life and I know how to coach you
as you create it.

Q. How do I know whether therapy or coaching is right for me?

A. In a nutshell, can you take action without having the past drag you down and get in the way? Are you solution oriented and focused on evolving and manifesting potential? Therapy focuses on healing and understanding, working mainly with internal and past issues, while coaching focuses on the external and the future while acknowledging and working with the process. It’s not uncommon for clients use therapy inconjuntion with coaching.A great quote that bottoms lines how coaching works is

If  life is a ball of yarn, therapy helps you unravel the tangles.
Coaching helps you knit a sweater.

~ Nancy Gerber

Focuses on healing and understandingFocuses manifesting potential; healing is a side-effect
Emphasizes past and presentEmphasizes present and future
Is insight-orientedIs action and ‘being’ oriented
Is problem-orientedIs solutions-oriented
Explores genesis of behaviors that create low self-esteemExplores actions and behaviors that manifest high self-esteem
Asks “why?” and “from where?”Asks “what’s next / what now?”
Works mainly with internal issuesWorks mainly with external issues
Accountability is not commonly expectedAccountability is commonly expected
Uses therapy techniquesUses coaching skills